Tiller Delivery,

Deliver your customers in 1 click

Not even lying

Enjoy a white label line

Tiller Delivery’s order page integrates easily with your business website and can be shared on social networks.

Receive home orders directly to your Tiller cash register interface. Your customers will be able to order and pay online, you only have to prepare the orders for the deliverers.

Not even lying

Increase your turnover

Available on your back-office, access your delivery figures in one click! The orders that need to be delivered will appear separately in your accounting reports to allow you to have a precise view of the distribution of your income.

Turnover generated by the delivery, number of orders, peaks of activity: all your key data are available online and in real time.

Your delivery service

Functionalities that will make your life easier


Receive your orders on your cash register.

Your delivery module is integrated within your cash register: no need to manage multiple tablets, your orders will arrive directly on your cash register!

Management of formulas and optional dishes

Propose formulas and optional dishes in a few clicks according to your offers.

Colors differentiating eating on the spot and takeaway

Orders that need to be delivered are notified separately on your checkout interface and appear in a specific color to avoid confusion.

Secure online payment

Your customers can pay for their orders online via the secure payment module.

Customizable delivery terms and conditions

Choose the mileage of your deliveries and customize the opening hours of your delivery service.

Delivery ensured by Stuart

You don't have any delivery men? No problem, deliveries can be made by Stuart, an European leader in urban delivery for retailers.

Dedicated statistics

Track your delivery sales statistics in real time on your Tiller back-office.

Customer care

To help you get started with your Tiller Delivery module, our team of experts will take care of setting up your platform and integrating your menu.

Without engagements

Take advantage of your delivery module without any time commitment. The menu, proposed during the delivery, can be activated or disabled at any time!

Our value propositions

Tiller brings together in one software all the features you need to manage your business. Discover our different modules to develop your business.


Simple, fast et intuitive

Cash register

Whenever you want, wherever you are.

Back Office

More than 40 integrations available on our Appmarket


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