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5 reasons to choose Tiller POS system

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As a business owner, you are confronted with a multitude of players proposing POS solutions. With so many options in the market, it’s normal for you to feel overwhelmed. In order to help you find the solution you’ve been looking for, here are 5 reasons why you should manage your business or restaurant with the Tiller POS system.

5 reasons to choose tiller pos systemA flexible POS system adaptable to your business

Much more than just a cash register, Tiller is both your digital and management ally. A system that allows you to collect, manage and analyze your results directly from your iPad to take your business to the next level. More and more entrepreneurs are using tablets as a payment solution since you can turn it into full payment systems by choosing our app. This type of POS offers a simple and less expensive alternative to more conventional cash register solutions.

Another strong point is the fact that as it is an application, you can benefit from evolutionary updates! In addition, it’s possible to connect a receipt printer, a cash drawer, and other payment devices to your tablet to turn it into a complete payment terminal. And there’s more: Tiller also offers many other features such as reservation management, floor plan and remote order taking.


A real-time data collection 

Besides working as a cash register and order-taking system, Tiller has a back office that allows you to control all your metrics at a glance. This can help you with several tasks such as monitoring sales, comparing different periods of time, identifying your best and worst products, reviewing and sending your accounting reports and managing your stock in real-time.

One of the main tools we offer is to control the activity of your restaurant, wherever you are. Tiller’s back office is a website, so you don’t need to physically go to your business to analyze your performance. 


An ecosystem that meets all your needs

With the digitalization of our economy, businesses are depending on a greater number of services. By having a POS system like Tiller, you can integrate all of these solutions to control your business from the same device. That’s how Tiller’s Appmarket, our digital market, can help you thanks to the integration of different partners and functionalities to its POS system. 


From tools to retain customers, to employee management or payment solutions, our Appmarket has everything you need and we constantly update it with new partners. Our market allows you to activate all integrations with one single click. That way you can increase your efficiency, keep working with services you already use and save money and time.  


An entire team dedicated to your success

Before choosing your POS system, make sure to check the service quality of your provider. 

If you opt for a powerful software but you are left alone for its implementation, your use in everyday life will be far from ideal. With Tiller you are never alone, our Customer Care Team is available from Monday to Sunday through chat, telephone, and email.

Our employees are able to assist you with the use of the software at any time, even in full service.


A flash installation

Do you plan to change your cash register or to open a business in the very near future? Don’t worry, we take care of everything and can equip you as fast as possible!

If this is not an emergency, you can simply determine the perfect time to start using it with the Tiller team and we adapt it to you.


So, when do we sign?

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