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Not even lying

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Discover on the Tiller Appmarket the many business softwares: booking, delivery, personnel management, payment… You will find a business software on your Appmarket that will respond to whatever need you have and can activate the integration of your Tiller cash register in one click!

You have your own homemade software and want to interface it with your Tiller cash register? No problem at all! We have an open API allowing you to perform the integration easily with the support of our developers, if you have any questions!

Not even lying

Simplify your everyday life by using only one device

Everything you need is in one place. Tiller identifies and integrates the best solutions to help you drive your establishment forward.

Thanks to Tiller’s Appmarket, take advantage of our many integrations with additional features to centralize everything on your cash register!


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Tiller brings together in one software all the features you need to manage your business. Discover our different modules to develop your business.


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More than 40 integrations available on our Appmarket


POS System at 79€ per month.

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