Cash in, serenely

Not even lying

You have never seen a cash register that pretty.

A simple and intuitive design to reconcile with your cash register. Taking orders and cashing in your customers will finally become a pleasure.

The Tiller cash register is intuitive, adapts to your business and allows you to take complex orders with precision.

Not even lying

Take control in record time

Speed also means customer satisfaction. The Tiller cash register allows you to take orders in record time to limit your customers’ waiting time and ensure maximum satisfaction.

Sharing of the bills, multiple methods of payment, asset editing…. Your Tiller cash register makes all these actions simple and easy to perform.

Votre caisse enregistreuse

Functionalities that make your life easier.


Standard NF525

The Tiller fund meets the obligations of inalterability, security, conservation and archiving of data within the framework of the finance laws.

Simplified order taking

With Tiller, you can make multiple orders in a few clicks, very easily. No more anguish about taking orders from a table of 12 people !

Personalised menu

Add products and modify your menu in a few clicks to better integrate it on your Tiller cash register according to your offers

Multiple payment methods

Select the payment methods you accept in your restaurant from all the payment methods of the Tiller cash register.

Split of the bill

Separate and divide each transaction with our intuitive cashier module.

Expense reports and discounts

Edit easily expense reports, make discounts and offers directly from the Tiller application.

Customer file

Assign each order to a specific customer to track and build customer loyalty

Plan of the tables 2D/3D

Modify and module your seating plan to monitor each of your services in real time.

Digitized booking booklet

Take and manage your customers' reservations directly at your Tiller cash register

Why more than 7 000 merchants trust Tiller ?

Easy of use

Don’t waste any more hours training your employees on their work tools, our interfaces are simple, intuitive and easy to use.

All in one

Use only one interface to cover all your needs.

Simplified operational management

Save time with simple and customized tools for your establishment.

Continuous innovation

Our software suite is constantly being supplemented by new tools in order to constantly meet your needs and help you grow your business.

Regular and free updates

Our solution is updated regularly, remotely and above all, with no extra costs.

Customer service

Our teams are available 7/7 days a week to help you get started with our tools. You are never alone.


Shipping, increase your turnover thanks to our turnkey delivery model.


Click & collect

Increase your average ticket thanks to our turnkey pre-order module.



Improve your filling rate with our turnkey booking module.


POS System at 79€ per month.

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