Take orders and payments, smartly

Available on the App Store, your iPad POS is intuitive and easy to use

An innovative cash register

Have you used Tiller all your life? You will believe so! With an intuitive and easy to use design, taking orders and charging your customers will be a pleasure.

The Tiller cash register is simple, adapts perfectly to your business and allows you to take complex orders with precision.

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Take orders in record time

Speed also means customer satisfaction. The Tiller cash register allows you to take orders in seconds to limit your customers’ waiting time and ensure maximum satisfaction.

Splitting the bill, multiple payment methods, order editing… with your Tiller cash register all these actions are simple and easy to perform.

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Features that make your life easier

Easy to use
Simplified order taking
Personalised menu
Multiple payment methods
Split billing
Customer files
Digital reservation book
Expense reports and discounts