Sell more and differently

Not even lying

Reduce your customers' waiting time

Thanks to the Tiller Click & Collect module, your customers can pre-order and pay for their dishes online and pick them up on site. A time saver for them… and for you!

The Tiller Click & Collect module allows you to receive your customers’ purchases directly on the Tiller checkout interface. Orders are paid online, all you have to do is prepare what your customers will pick up on the spot.

Click & collect

Functionalities that will make your life easier.


Receive your orders on your cash register

Your click & collect module is integrated with your cash register: no need to manage multiple tablets, your orders will arrive directly on your cash register !

Customizable menus, prices and schedules

Define and customize your opening hours for the takeaway service, menu and prices you want to offer to your customers !

Secure online payment

Your customers can pay for their orders online via the secure payment module.

Dedicated statistics

Follow your sales statistics in real time from Tiller's back office.

Customer service

To help you get started with your Tiller Click & collect module, our team of experts takes care of setting up your platform and integrating your menu.

Without obligation

Enjoy your click & collect module without any time commitment. Your proposed takeaway card can be activated or disabled at any time !

POS System at 79€ per month.

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