Welcome your customers the right way.

Not even lying

Increase your fill rate

Your customers can book their table from your website or social networks thanks to a booking option that can be integrated in 1 click.

Manage confirmed reservations very easily directly from your Tiller cash register interface.

Not even lying

Increase your profitability

Regardless of the number of bookings, you only pay a fixed monthly fee. Better control your costs for more serenity.

No extra costs are applied to allow you to use this distribution channel without cutting into your profitability !


Functionalities that will make your life easier


Integration with the Tiller cash register

Your Tiller Booking module is integrated with your Tiller cash register for a simple and optimal handling.

Can be integrated into your communication support.

Your Tiller Booking module can be integrated in 1 click on your website, Facebook page or Google My Business page.

Customizable opening hours

Define and customize your opening hours for your reservations

Plan of the tables

Your customers' reservations arrive directly on your reservation book. Assign your customers to the right tables as soon as they arrive in your establishment.

Without engagement

Take advantage of your booking module without any time commitment or offer constraints.

POS System at 79€ per month.

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