The point-of-sale system for your

Ordering: quick, mobile, and precise

Tiller is quick, intuitive, and adapts to your business needs. Enjoy the benefits of using a mobile and ergonomic ordering tool.

Don't miss another sale!

A quick order means a happy customer! Place complex orders with precision, and send them to the kitchen seamlessly.

No order too complex

With Tiller, placing multiple orders can be done in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to the nightmare of placing an order for a table of 12!

Mobile ordering

With the TillerPod application, put your cash register in your pocket.

Create your table layout

Customize and modify your table layout to meet the needs of every opening.

Customize your menu

Integrate and modify your menu in just a few clicks to suit your needs with your Tiller point-of-sale depending on the products that you are offering.

Stay in touch with your clients

With Tiller, you can assign each order to a specific client in order to track and build the client relationship. Tiller also helps you keep your clients’ contact information in order to help you stay in touch with them.

Handle payment in just a few seconds with Tiller

Tackle any challenge with our quick and powerful cash register software.


Splitting checks is a breeze

Split and divide each transaction thanks to Tiller’s intuitive cash register module.


Select the means of payment that you take in your business from all of the options Tiller offers.

Expenses and discounts

Easily edit expense reports, create discounts and comp items all with your Tiller iPad point-of-sale.

Analyze your performance

Track your inventory in real-time, evaluate your margins, and manage your team remotely. Our POS system helps you control your costs and improve the profitability of your business.

Manage your losses

Follow your comps and cancellations in real-time in order to anticipate and limit your losses and their impact on your bottom line with Tiller’s POS.

Compare different periods

Compare your numbers from two periods to position your business to make the most informed decisions possible.

Access your numbers wherever you are

Follow the performance of your business in real-time from your iPad POS, your computer, or your smartphone!

Track your sales

Track the sales of each one of your products, see your best and your worst performers in real-time, know exactly which products are the most profitable for your business and their value.

Manage your business wherever you are

On vacation or on the go, check in on how things are going remotely

Automate your accounting

Tiller automatically compiles your accounting reports. Spend less time wrestling with Excel, check and send all your reports to your accountant in just one click (yes, that’s right, one click).

Track your team

Know who sells what and when. Coach, motivate, and optimize the performance of your team members.

Configure and control access

Assign roles and permissions to manage access to the Tiller System track your personnel’s performance.

Customize your POS

The Tiller point-of-sale is completely customizable so that you can tailor the system to meet your needs.

Manage inventory with ease

Manage your inventory in just a few clicks with the inventory management platform and avoid unhappy surprises.

Stay alert

Set up automatic alerts on your inventory levels and receive warnings before running out.
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